"Taking part in a tango lesson taught by Ricardo and Jenny is a pure delight on so many levels. Their level of dancing skill and ability to easily break down and demonstrate the minute details of technique involved is second to none. But the even more joyful element of their teaching skills is their ability to turn each and every dance lesson into a performance, a comedic event, a gathering of very good friends - even if you may not have ever even met the other students.
Thank you Ricardo and Jenny for sharing your love of tango and for so beautifully demonstrating the fun, elegance, joy and so many other elements that tango has to give. xx"

Rex Boyd


"A lot of this effort is being inspired by yourselves in the 5 years I have been watching and learning with you in Bramshaw, Edinburgh and Torquay. Thank you for sewing the seeds in this awesomely beautiful dance and watching you with wonder in your cabarets over the last few years.  Its your work and passion and creativness that gives us so much in our lives to keep on trying. To a women of a certain age, where the cabaceos can sometimes be a challenge - what a boost!!
Hoping to catch a private lesson with you at Bramshaw and hoping you get a bit of a break from the awesome lessons at Torquay and enjoy that gorgeous little chumble of yours.  They are little for such a short time! Best wishes and many thanks for the encouragement!"

Yours, Christabel Gordon

"Firstly, I had a fantastic time at Hemsby and joined your Argentinian Tango class – something which I have never done before and enjoyed immensely! Your routine in the evening had me spellbound, inspired and wishing I was 25 years younger xx.
At the risk of gushing praises on you – we can’t wait to join the next Weekender and join your classes.
Kind wishes to you both."

Lyn Reardon

"It was an absolute gift to spend the weekend with you. Your teaching style is just wonderful and you forged a strong group spirit very quickly. Thank you for my private lessons Jenny, I learned so much. it was not that I did not know the content but rather that I could not see it because a door was obstructing the view. Your teaching gave me the key to the door and I have a better understanding of what to find there. You are a remarkably talented double act and I feel very blessed that our paths cross from time to time. Best wishes"

Peter Barker

"Dear Jenny & Ricardo, Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop. We feel our tango has blossomed! Look forward to seeing you again."

Love Bill & Carol Huxley

"Thanks to you both for a fantastic weekend and for your un-ending patience and good humour. Abrazos."

Peter Rose