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This is what we have been wanting to write for over a year … We now have a date when we will be able to return to classes (barring any changes from the government).

This date is

Wednesday 19th May 2021


This will be a very emotional time for all of us and we will do our best to help you through it with kindness and empathy.

Some of you may not have danced in a long time. For others of you, tango has helped you through this.

We will welcome you all back, whether super-charged, rusty, solo or with a partner, if you feel like you’ve forgotten it all or if you are raring to go.

For information about our safety measures, please see. our Covid Safety Statement.


According to the government, adult group classes can begin, with reduced numbers, physical distance and other safety measures, from 17th May 2021.

For us, that means our first Wednesday back will be 19th May 2021.

We can’t hug you (yet), but we can welcome you safely back.

All the details of our classes can be found here

The quick version is this:


6pm-7pm - Solo Tango Dancers (max 12)

7.20pm-8.20pm - Couples (Improver level) (max 7 couples)

8.40-9.40pm - Couples (Intermediate level) (max 7 couples)

The full information and booking details is on our website here.

We will see how this goes and may add some Saturday morning classes.

This is just step 1. We know that many of our Tango Community don’t live with a tango partner and that you will be anxious to get back to dancing with peope outside your household. This will come.

For now, what we can offer is a chance to come to a real class, in a safe environment. For solo dancers we will run a class especially for you, with your own space, where we can move and work on techcniqiue and even maybe do some distanced connection exercises and dancing. It will be wonderful, just to see everyone’s faces again and and to hear the music.

We will also run classes for fixed couples, again in your own space, distanced from other couples.

For everything related to our safety measures please do read our Covid Safety Statement. It’s not the most exciting read, but you do need to understand it all before coming to class.


We are so excited to see everyone again, we really can’t wait, but if you would rather do your tango at home for a while longer, we will still be running our live online classes and there is also our Tango Class Collection, which is available to stream 24/7. These are for couples and solo dancers.

If you need any help deciding how to return to tango, then please just get in touch by phone or email and we will be delighted to help you.


If you would prefer to re-start your tango journey with private classes, we are for a short time only offering some private class packages and are also, temporarily offering 30 minute private classes as well as the 1 hour ones. We can offer these private classes in our studio in East Lothian or, on occasion, in Edinburgh.


Well - we do have a plan for fixed couple social dancing/practica pretty soon, and have even worked out a way of circulating and maintaining physical distance.

We aren’t quite at the stage where we can run a proper milonga yet, but we will get there, and at least being in the same room as other tango dancers will help us all to feel that things area returning slowly to normal.

We hope to see you very very soon,


Jenny & Riccardo

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