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Return to Classes - Frequently Asked Questions

We expect a lot of questions about how the classes are going to be. Here are some of the most common ones. If you have any other questions, not addressed below, then please do get in touch. We really want to help you back to Tango in any way we can.

Where and When are the Classes?

Our in-person classes will be on Wednesdays at Pilrig St Paul’s Church Hall.

6pm - Solo Dancers

7.20pm - Improver Couples (Tango Dynamics)

8.40pm - Intermediate Couples

Possible Saturday Class to follow soon.

What measures do you have in place to keep us safe?

Lots! Please read our Covid Safety Statement on our website for full details, and do get in touch if you have any concerns

Can I just come along?

No - if you want to attend the class, it is important that you book in advance. It isn’t possible just to come along and attend without prior booking at the moment.

How do I book a class?

All classes can be booked on our website. If you have any difficulties with the system, then please just get in touch and we can book you in.

I had credit on my dance pass. What happened to it?

Everyone who had credit on their dance pass has been assigned a ‘Special Dance Pass’ on our new system, with the same amount of credit. Once you join our website (with the email address we have for you) you will be able to see your pass and how many credits you have. Just get in touch if you need any help with this.

I have hardly danced in the last year which level should I go to?

We understand that many people will be rusty and may have lost confidence. Our classes will be designed to get everyone moving again, so you can go to the level that you were doing before classes stopped and be assured that you aren’t alone. No-one will expect you to dance as though the last year hasn’t happened and everyone is in the same situation.

I don’t have a dance partner at home can I come to Class?

Yes! We are running a separate class for solo dancers where we will have leaders and followers each in their own spaces.

Why can’t solo dancers and couples go to the same class?

We find that we can give a much better class to everyone this way. If we mix the classes up then solo dancers would be waiting a lot while we teach couple techniques and couples would be waiting while we look at solo technique. This way, we can make sure everyone has the best experience possible.

What is distanced connection?!

If possible in the solo classes, we will also do some connection and lead/follow exercises where students can dance ‘together’ but at a distance of 2 metres. This is really good for balance and for understanding the mechanics of the lead and follow.

The times are no good for me, what else can I do?

Well - let us know and we will see if another class might suit. This will also help our planning. We are considering adding a Saturday morning class.

Do I need to wear a mask?

You need to wear a mask to move around the building but not during class, unless you prefer to. For more details please see our Covid Safety Statement.

What about social dancing?

We don’t have plans for a proper milonga as yet, but we are planning a practica for solo dancers and fixed couples where everyone can just dance or practice in their own space (solo dancers alone still) and can ask questions to work on their own things.

Are you changing partners in the classes?

No. Not at the moment. At present only people from the same household or support bubble can dance together.

Have you been vaccinated?

We (Jenny & Ricardo) haven’t been vaccinated yet. We are going to self test using lateral flow tests each Wednesday before the class. We will only teach if we test negative. We will also maintain physical distance from all our students (even though we want to hug you all)

Will group sizes be smaller?

Yes! Due to the need to maintain physical distance between people (or couples) we can only accept a maximum of 7 couples or 12 solo dancers in each class.

I’m not ready to come back to class yet - what can I do?

Well - we are still keeping going with our Tango Stream - our Online Class Collection for streaming tango classes and we also still have 3 live online tango classes each week. 2 Classes for solo dancers and 1 for couples. All the details are on our website.

Do you have other questions we haven’t thought of?

Please just get in touch. We are here to help you back to tango.

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