Covid Safety Statement

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

We have given a lot of thought to how we can return to classes safely and here is our statement so far. As the situation changes so will this, so we may need to update it quite regularly. As yet, we don’t have a date for returning to classes.

Of course what we really want to do is give all of our students a huge hug, but that isn’t possible at the moment, and we feel we owe it to you to explain sensibly how we hope to go back to classes. We hope you understand why the tone of the following is quite serious.


We will only run classes in venues where we are happy with their capability and approach to cleanliness and disinfecting of our rooms and the facilities.

Both Pilrig Church Hall and Cockenzie House have been amazing and are taking this very seriously. They are both implementing extensive and thorough cleaning procedures and ways to move people around the building the safest way possible.


Class particpants will need to be healthy and not under any quarantine or local lockdown restrictions. If someone has to cancel a class due to ill-health, we will refund the cost of the class.

We will only teach if we are healthy. If we have to cancel the class due to our ill-health, we would refund the cost of the class to the participants.

We are considering taking the temperature of class participants on entry, but we need to look at this more thoroughly.


All class participants will be expected to sanitise their hands on entrance and exit. We will have longer gaps between classes to allow time to sanitise surfaces before, after and in-between classes.

Social Distance

All of our classes will be run with social distance (2m) between participants (couples or solo dancers). This is why we will run separate classes for couples and for solo dancers.

For your safety, we will socially distance from all students.

Couples who are from the same household or who have ‘bubbled’ will be able to participate in couple classes without having to distance from each other and will be able to dance tango ‘normally’ but in their own confined space to keep distance with other couples.

Class Numbers

In order to run the classes with social distance and also to reduce numbers in the building, we will have reduced class numbers. These numbers will be confirmed before classes start.

Fun and Tango

It will be so lovely to see our students, we know that it will be great fun doing the classes, even with all the social distance. We also know that our teaching will improve as we learn new skills for teaching without contact.


Masks will be necessary for moving around the building, but probably not during class. If we feel that we are needing to raise our voices to teach and that this might increase your risk, we will wear masks. We are also considering the use of microphones in order to avoid having to raise our voices.

More Details

We will continue to add to this statement as we get closer to re-starting classes

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