Nortena Tango

Norteña Tango

Norteña Tango

Magical weekends in Edinburgh

Study Opportunity with Jenny & Ricardo

Matinee and evening Milongas

Norteña Tango weekends are an opportunity to dance and study tango in Edinburgh with a mixture of connected workshops, fine-tuning sessions and social dancing.

Upcoming Norteña Tango Weekend - 28th-29th April 2018 - Special with Eric Jorissen 

More details coming soon ....

Future Dates and General Norteña information

2018 dates

28th-29th April 2018 - Special Norteña with Eric Jorissen
22nd-23rd September 2018
8th-9th December 2018

What is a Fine-Tuning Session?

This is a session where Jenny & Ricardo focus on the individuals/couples in the class, going round and working on what each person needs, rather than giving group instruction. It is a great place to really focus on your dance and any particular issues or questions you may have, or to take the opportunity to get some detailed feedback.

What happens in the Workshops?

In addition to the Fine-Tuning Session, there will be two connected workshops during the Norteña Tango weekends. The day-time connected workshops are at Intermediate level. The themes will be publicised in advance. For the connected workshops it is better to attend both, but separate bookings are also welcome.


The full address is Pilrig St Paul’s Church Hall, Pilrig Street, Edinburgh, EH6 5AH. Access is from Pilrig Street

Booking and Enquiries:

There are good value passes available for advanced booking.
Please book workshops and the fine-tuning session in advance as numbers will be limited and we will balance the numbers of men and women (leaders & followers). For social dance events, you are very welcome to come along on the day.
Tel: 07753 433 251 (Ricardo)


(Passes in brackets are for students)
Nortena Pass - 3 workshops, all dancing: £65 (Students £45)
Dance Pass: £20 (Students £12)

Individual Prices and Other Options:

1 Workshop: £17
2 Workshops: £33
3 Workshops: £48
Afternoon Dance (Sat or Sunday): £7
Milonga Norteña: £8

Student Class Prices: 1 workshop £14, 2 workshops £26, 3 workshops £35
Student Milonga Prices: Afternoon Milongas £4, Evening Milonga £5
Student Pass Prices: Nortena Pass £45, Dance Pass £12