Our Method

Our Method

Our Method

Our Aims

We teach Tango Salon - tango for the dance floor. Our aims are to help you to: Dance socially; interpret, understand & enjoy the music; Dance with balance, elegance & technique; Embrace and surrender to your partner; and Improvise in your dance.

We understand the effect that dancing tango can have in a person’s life and how tango can enrich each individual, through the personal process of learning the dance and the enjoyment of its practice; through the embrace and the surrender to the embrace; through the journey into the music; and importantly through the wider social effects dancing tango can have on someone.

Tango can teach us to listen, to understand, to extend ourselves beyond our own bodies and to give our attention to the other, without losing sight of ourselves. We dance for ourselves and for our partners, but always with respect to those outside the couple. We search for our own freedom, while taking care of the freedom of others. These elements of Tango can teach us a lot about how to live our lives, and how to share our life with others.

Those of us who dance tango are fortunate. Together, let’s bring that to as many people as we can.

What to Expect in the Classes

Expect us to smile.
Expect exercises to work on general technique and techniques specific to the workshop.
Expect clear and detailed explanations of everything we teach.
Expect equal emphasis on the leader's and follower's roles.
Expect to improve your floorcraft and musicality skills.
Expect to be stretched.
Expect to enjoy yourself.