Jan '16

Your Questions about the changes

Am I good enough for the Advanced Class?

Well ... this is the part that is always difficult to answer. We will be pretty strict about the advanced class, as otherwise it really won't be advanced. If you have been in the Intermediate Classes, you probably aren't yet at the level for the advanced class. It is a very sensitive subject, especially when people progress at different speeds. We love all our tango dancers, and appreciate everyone equally, independently of ability or level. Most dancers have strengths and weaknesses in their dance. We are very happy to spend some time with you and go over which parts of your dance need to be improved in order to make the step up to advanced level. Finally and importantly, the advanced level class won't be somethign that everyone will want to do as they may not feel the need to explore the dance in such depth. This is also ok. We want to support everyone to make the best of their tango.

Will the Intermediate Class Stretch my tango?

For us, Intermediate is a pretty good level. We will continue to push the dancers in the intermediate classes and to provide stimulating things to work on both in terms of steps/movements and also in terms of expression, musicality and technique. Dancers in the intermediate class should already be able to do all of the main step groups in tango and will be looking to refine their dance, and for variations and ideas. No partner is needed for this class as we will change partners during the class.

What will I do without Rumbos on a Monday?

This will be a change fo us, yes, but those of you still doing classes will still have a half hour practica on Mondays after the classes, and we have found that this format works really well on Wednesdays, so we do hope people will stay on. There will also be our new Milonga on Thursdays, and if there is a lot of demand, we may do some weekend Rumbos afternoons occasionally.