Jan '16

Our Dream for Tango in Edinburgh

Our Dream for Tango in Edinburgh - Edinburgh as the tango capital of the UK!

We have been based in Edinburgh for 14 years now and have been teaching regular classes throughout that time, with the idea of helping people to dance tango socially. We have also been developing our touring schedule and our own dance over this time, and this has enabled us to visit lots of lovely different dance communities in lots of places. Edinburgh has always had a great tango community, but now our dream is to make that even better.

Turning our dream into a project ...

At the beginning of 2015 we were chatting lots about tango in Edinburgh, and we decided to make it our project to see if we can really help the Edinburgh Tango community grow even more than before. For this dream to come true, we need more dancers, more places to dance and better quality of dance.
  • The first thing is more dancers ... so we are doing more beginners and improvers classes to try to bring on more dancers. We are also working on integrating classes and social dancing to give people the courage to make that leap into the milongas (social dances).
  • We also need a better quality of dance. We don't want to focus all our attention on beginners and leave our the more experienced dancers, so we are developing our Intermediate and Advanced classes.
  • The last thing is more places to dance, and also the best milongas possible. Our new milonga on Thursdays will help to integrate our students into the social dance scene in Edinburgh.

What is next?!

Well ... we would love to do some events to draw attention to tango and encourage new people who have never heard of tango to give it a go. We could do flash mobs, dancing outside, free introductory classes ... if you have any ideas or would like to help, please do get in touch with us!
Is there something else that would help tango in Edinburgh? Please do email if you have any ideas or suggestions.