Jan '16

Developing Tango in 2016

Happy New Year!
We hope that 2016 is a year full of wonderful tangos for you. We certainly hope that it will be a great year for tango in Edinburgh. As part of our project to increase the number of tango dancers in Edinburgh and the quality of the tango scene (see the 'Our Dream' blog post), we have been making some changes to our classes and activities. Change isn't always easy but we really hope that these will be of benefit to everyone and will help the tango scene to grow.

The changes are as follows:

1) More beginners and improvers classes

We have returned to teaching at Dance Base since September 2015, teaching beginners and improvers classes their alongside our Wednesday beginner and improver classes. This is emcouraging lots of new dancers into tango and helping to develop their dancing so that they can attend milongas.

2) Adding practicas after the classes

On Wednesdays since September 2015 we have added a practica after the classes, which is to help the beginners and improvers get more social dance practice and integrate the things they learn in classes into their dancing.

3) Creating a consistent Intermediate Class

We have changed our Monday workshop, which varied in level, into a regular weekly Intermediate class. This class will be of a fairly high level, and is aimed at the people who were attentding the previous Intermediate, and Intermediate-Advanced Monday workshops. The regular class will help development, and the new structure of 3-week modules will help to really consolidate each topic and add more revision time to enable new ideas and movements to be incorporated into the dance. We have also added a half hour practica at the end of the evening, for extra practice.

4) Creating a regular Advanced Class

A great tango scene needs great dancers, and this is where the Advanced Class comes in. This class will begin with relatively few participants as it will be a high level class, a considerable step beyond intermediate, and will look at a variety of topics from week to week, including much more complex movements, ideas and subtleties of musicality and connection.  At this level it is important to know who you are working with, so participants will need to arrange a partner.

5) Creating a new Milonga

Edinburgh has always been lucky to have two regular milongas that are well attended, but we feel that now is the time for a new milonga, and for us to get more involved in developing the social dancing scene in Edinburgh too. We love to host events and welcome people and we hope to make our new Thursday milongas a really lovely space to dance and enjoy tango.